Time for a Pep Talk

Look, it’s easy to get down on our prospects in 2012.

Trust me, we’ve all done it. I know I’ve done it. It’s natural to get in the weeds and assume that a second term for Barack Obama is inevitable.

It’s been a frustrating year. The media has been relentless in their persistent misrepresentation of our movement. Our Presidential candidates have been less than extraordinary. Who are we supposed to choose? The wishy-washy moderate? The social conservative who can’t talk about anything else? The guy with three marriages and a penchant for indecipherable rants? RON FREAKING PAUL? It’s not hard to figure out why solid conservatives are being tempted into just giving up and accepting the idea that America is headed towards socialism and there’s nothing we can do about it.

It’s understandable. I get it. Wallow in your self-pity. I won’t judge you. Seriously, do it. I’ll give you thirty seconds… and go.

Okay, are you done? Now stop it. Just stop it. This is exactly what the left wants. They want us discouraged. They want us to sit down and shut up while they take our country off a cliff. And folks, that can’t happen. That won’t happen because we won’t let it happen.

It’s time for a pump-up video.

We can’t afford to be weak right now. There’s far too much on the line. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to tell my grandkids 50 years from now “hey, sorry guys, we forgot to stand up for you.” That’s not going to happen. It’s time for us to stand up and fight.

This site was created with the purpose of exciting young conservatives. We need to take control of this movement. No more wishy-washy platitudes. No more politician talk. If we’re going to grow and have a shot at saving this country, it’s going to have to start at the grassroots level. It’s going to have to start with you.

I don’t know who the nominee will be. It’ll probably be Mitt Romney, and it might be Rick Santorum. Whoever it is, we need to get behind them and push their candidacy. Why? Because the alternative is four more years of Barack Obama. The alternative is Obamacare becoming law permanently. The alternative is more regulation, more government bureaucracy, more unconstitutional mandates, more attacks on religion, and more socialism. It’s time for us to set aside our differences and come together to defeat Barack Obama.

And perhaps even more important than the Presidential race are the state races, the local races, heck even your local school board races. We have a mission: we must advance conservatism and defeat liberalism. When both ideologies do battle in the marketplace of ideas, conservatism wins every time. So let’s promote it. Let’s teach it. The future of this country is in our hands.

Are you upset? Are you frustrated? Do you think our country’s headed down the wrong path? Then do something about it. Make a difference. Get involved in a local congressional race. Volunteer on a Senate campaign. Phone bank. Door knock. Donate if you can. This is our time to rise to the occasion.

Coach Herb Brooks gives a fantastic speech to his players in the movie “Miracle.” Apply this to conservative politics, and there you go.

“You were born to be conservative activists. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here today. This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great political team the Democrats have. Screw ’em. This is your time! Now go out there and take it!”


36 comments on “Time for a Pep Talk

  1. Well said. Sad, none the less. Conservatives, tea party activists, and those who believe in the power of the person over the power of the government have had a lot of reasons to be discouraged. The GOP wants a middle-of-the-road Rhino they can manipulate, control, and use to attempt to placate the left. It won’t work. Never has, never will.

    If by some miracle the GOP gets control of the Senate the battle cry of the left, “compromise” will be the talking point of the election cycle. Never the less, I hope, I pray, that a substantial number of conservative representatives are elected and lock out the liberal democrats, just the way they did when they held the house and senate. Forget the media and lead and fix the mess that years of liberal thinking has created.

  2. “RON FREAKING PAUL?”- you lost me with that one; he is True conservative and not a loser politcian like the rest of them. Instead of taking who they tell us to, how about supporting an honest, sincere candidate;not mitt flip flop Romney, insanely religious santorum, or newt I make global warming commercials with Pelosi Gingrich. I’m 27, I’m a conservative, and I am voting for Ron Paul because he will reverse the course that this country is on; which is what you all say you want to happen, but you won’t get behind the right candidate. The next Ronald Reagan is right in front of us yet you refuse to acknowledge it. Join the revolution.

    • Ron Paul would make a great President of the Interior United States. It’s just that when he leaves our borders, he turns in to a lunatic. If he had any rational comprehension of foreign policy, he would have had this nomination wrapped up months ago.

      • It’s my opinion that he has, perhaps, the most rational comprehension of foreign policy out of all of them.

      • Well said!

      • Exactly!!

      • Geez Mark! I couldn’t have responded better!! That is EXACTLY why I DIDN’T vote for Ron Paul in the AZ Primary. Otherwise he would have had me. As a Texas Congressman, Dr. Paul should be extremely sensitive to the problems along America’s southern border. Instead, he chooses to stick his head in the sand and ignore them. Further, his stance on other foreign policy matters convinced me that he isn’t right for the job of President. Having said that….I love having him in Congress! I love his stances on all matters fiscal. I just wish he had more sway in that area.

    • Thank You James……From an OLD Ron Paul supporter.

    • Ron Paul is not a conservative – he is a libertarian – this is why some liberals like him. To be conservative you must believe in limited government (esp. limited federal government) AND morality and rule of law. And yes he is kinda freaky. Sometimes he sounds so lucid, and then he starts spitting out just stupid stuff. For one thing the main purpose of the Federal government (constituionaly) is national defense. Paul is pretty much opposed to any reasonable national defense position. Why do you like him? You want to smoke pot legally? Probably. Ron Paul is not a conservative.

      • Ron Paul wants a strong national defense he is just non aggressive and non nation building. He supports limited government and fiscal responsibility. I know he’s a libertarianish but he’s been elected as a republican to the house. I’ll admit that some of his social policies ie the pot are questionable but no one is perfect and he doesn’t want everyone to do drugs he just supports your right to put in your body what you want; also pertaining to drugs not approved by the corrupt FDA. No I am not a pothead but thank you for insulting me. I a man who works hard and wants to vote for someone that is sincere and not a poser like the rest I them. They all have their faults but I feel Paul’s are the least and I against the military industrial complex and am sick of the same corrupt politicians screwing us over and over.

      • Sadly, I think you’re wrong. Ron Paul actually is a conservative. He is all those things that you listed and what’s more he’s the only candidate who has a truly deep and abiding commitment to conservative economics. He may be slightly less of an activist on social issues than is currently the conservative mode, but his solution for the disparity is straight out of Federalist Paper #10. It’s the America solution. His foreign policy is America first, which is also in our own tradition (as opposed to the Napoleonic tradition). It’s sad to me that you don’t see that. It sure seems that conservatives accomplished little more in this nomination process than to smear and slander and tear each other to pieces. The clash of egos and lack of vision among the good guys have left us hanging with only a weak shot at even beating B.O. Thanks, conservatives. Thanks for not being afraid to rip each other to shreds in public.

    • No I get it. Ron Paul is one thing. He’s great in theory. But his people out there bear a large portion of the blame for sowing discord among conservatives in this nomination process.

      • Sowing discord? More like standing up for something they believe in. Not being hearded like sheep into voting for another McCain that won’t beat Obama. Just keep doing what rush and Sean hannity tell you.

      • Oh sure, like no one else out there has ever stood up for what they believe in. Don’t get me started. That sort of attitude is exactly what I’m talking about. Ignorant, stubborn and cantankerous. That’s the Paulbot in a nutshell.

  3. If Breitbart taught me anything, it is that there is no need to be afraid. There is no need to fear taking the left head-on. The worst that will happen is you will be called names. Most of these names will not be accurate, but if you can stand up, take the blows, and do it with a smile on your face, your actions and the truth in your words will make a stronger statement than their slander. R.I.P. Andrew, you will be missed.

  4. Right on! Lets fight!

  5. Thank you! I am not “under 30”, but you have made me feel better about our prospects for this year.

  6. Not wanting to poop on your parade or anything but the disadvantage of being a conservative slightly over 30 is having seen all this before. The idea of trying to rally behind another Bob Dole/John McCain type candidate, just to have them treat conservatives aloofly (and have their campaign manager lie through his lying teeth about the vice presidential candidate for years afterwards and help HBO make a stupid hit piece about her right at the point of the next election) and then lose the election to the lying, union-loving, mob-backed, racist, classist, anti-American leftist really turns my stomach. My preference would be to move to a small south Pacific island without any electricity or other means of communication with the outside world until I’m a conservative slightly over 40 or maybe 50 even and then if America survives, possibly consider moving back. That’s not a great option either though. There just aren’t any good options left. Breitbart’s dead. Romney won Super Tuesday. Rush just took a severe random unwarranted public beating and B.O. is prancing around with his most repugnantly smug facial expression turned on high and sheesh, what is a normal intelligent free-thinking conservative to do in this country anymore?

  7. If Ron Paul is the nominee, so be it, Yippee K, he’ll get my vote. Don’t you get it? It’s about defeating Obama, PERIOD. And then we the people manage these guys once they’re in. But we have to support the Republican nominee regardless.

  8. REALLY??? You know how you got this lame group of candidates? By implementing the same attitude you are demonstrating and encouraging here, that’s how! At this point, I would only vote for the social coservative / voting record questionable one or the fiscal conservative / social whack job one…and it appears that one is out and the other stands a slim chance. Vote a state socialist in and you encourage continued socialism, be it state or federal. You also send the party the message that WE DO NOT CARE about the quality of candidates you produce. An Obama win ensures short term difficulties, a Romney win ensures the Republicans keep fielding poor candidates, and cause LONG term problems. I will biite the bullet now, thank you, and take 4 more years of grief rather than vote Romney in and take 4 more decades of bad republican candidates. Let the republicans know you will tolerate this no longer and vote third party / independent. Its the only way to fix the republican party. Send them a message…

    • On a gut level I agree with you completely. My only fear is that we’ll end up losing the whole kit and kaboodle. In another 4 years of Obama Nation, we might have vastly reduced voting options. In three and half years, Obama has more than doubled the number of Americans working for government or dependent on someone working for government — it’s over 30% of the voting population now (wtf). In another four years that could be more but even if it’s not, it’s already far, far too much. The easiest way to create a one party system is to be the party paying the most voters. B.O. knows this can work in America, he spent a good part of his I think my head has to agree with Rush and these Conservatives Under 30 folks. As much as I hate letting them carry on their machinations, if the country club boys get to buy themselves another quasi-progressive Republican president but that option is at least

      • Sorry, meant to say: “he spent a good part of his growing up years in Hawaii which is ruled by a Dem machine that has maintained monolithic control for decades by promoting corruption and cronyism.

      • Also meant to rework the last sentence to read: “As much as I hate seeing the country club boys get to buy themselves another quasi-progressive Republican president, that option does at least leave the door open a crack for conservatives to “manage” them as the beer fairy pointed out. (BTW, can I please have a beer right now?)

  9. I’ll support anyone that gets the nomination, need to simple get rid of Obama. In 4 more year, if Obama wins, we will be slaves to the government. Freedom will be in the past tense.

  10. Rush is right! Romney is is, it is what it is. If we give up we can guarantee the next four years will be Obama, it is over if that happens. This country is toast and life as we have known it in the past. We MUST support the Rupublican nominee, Romney, anyone is better than Obama.

  11. It’s about time someone takes a stand. Those in my generation are so worried about how everyone feels that we have given the left a huge head start. Stay strong and true to your beliefs. We will win. The world is depending on you.

  12. Exactly right. It’s especially important to get involved in your own town, city, county…….all the politicians start at this level, build a reputation for higher office. Support those people who you know are conservative and share your values…..man phone banks, stuff envelops, go door to door with them, introduce them to your friends and neighbors. if you think you’re up to it run for office yourself. and especially get involved in the local school board, that’s where all the mischief starts with the destruction of our children’s minds, and the institution of all the social engineering….we all can make a difference, individually, and collectively.

  13. Social liberals got women and african americans the right to vote. Social Conservatives opposed this. History has proven social conservatives wrong on both of those issues. Social liberals will obtain the right to marry for gays as well. History will once again prove them right. So don’t buy into this BS about liberals ruining the country. There are people out there who just want to divide the country so we are easier to control. Do not fall for it. The majority of americans are conservative on some issues and liberal on others. Conservative vs liberal is a shallow way to look at this country.

    • You are right that’s why I like a candidate like Ron paul, he is appealing to both sides and has the ability to unite.

    • Um… NO. Social conservatives fought to free the slaves and gave them the right to vote.
      Ever heard of the underground railroad? That was run by Bible-Thumpers. Women sufferage is something different – a response to a change in culture. The original idea was 1 vote per family unit – i.e. a woman and a man who are married are “one-flesh”. Of course this had problems especially since most people seem to have forgotten by the late nineteenth century that this was the concept – but I digress. Republican freed the slaves – everyone ignores this. And social conservative are trying to free the babies today.

  14. I am in support of the fact we can not survive another four years of Obama. But, neither can we survive a Republican party that does not serve the interests of this nation. We need to bring BOTH parties to a new paradigm for leadership based upon integrity to serve the American people, first and foremost.

    If you would like to discuss this, please see what we are doing at RebelliousTruths.org and contact me.

  15. You are spot on. No time for a pity party. I am not under 30; I’m under 60 and over 50 and have grandchildren and will not let them down!! We must hold our candidate accountable to the principles of our Founding Fathers and to the Constitution of our great country! And it is indeed up to We the People to do so—people in the grassroots! We must practice Conservatism in our homes, on the job, in our churches, in our local elections, our State elections, and, obviously in our national election. We must strategize and educate. We MUST fight voter fraud at every turn in order to have a chance in November! We MUST expose the leftist agenda for what it is: a mechanism to take away personal freedoms and weaken what was once the strongest Republic on the face of the earth. I applaud you! Keep the faith! Keep the fight!

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