Dear Candidates: Make the Economy the Main Issue

By Brandon Helderop

In recent months as I have flipped on the TV, listened to the radio and surfed the Internet, I’ve been disappointed to see frequent reports of Republican Candidate A attacking Candidate B (or C, or D) for not being “Conservative enough”. This strategy is growing tired and ultimately proving to be ineffective. For every day the candidates spend hammering what I call “secondary” issues that take the focus off of President Obama, the more they appear out of touch with the rest of the American people. So what needs to change? It’s imperative they turn their focus to the main issues that voters are most worried about in this election cycle.

Recent Rasmussen polls show that the economy is still by far the number one issue:

“82% of Likely US Voters see the economy as a Very Important issue in terms of how they will vote in the next congressional election.”

Also, recent Gallup polls show that almost 75% of Americans are seriously concerned about our debt and what that will mean for the future. This is a serious problem. In fact, it’s a problem that affects us, our children and even our grandchildren. With a current US National debt that exceeds $15 Trillion and continues to approach $16 Trillion daily, what has the President done to earn Americans’ trust? Well all I have seen is a tendency to play on class warfare. He has yet to provide any genuine solutions. The best the White House can conjure up is raising taxes on those in the upper tax brackets in order to redistribute wealth to those “less fortunate” who pay minimal to zero taxes.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to pander to the same voters who are daily reminded of an economy struggling to gain traction as they head to the gas pumps. According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, the majority of Americans don’t trust the President in this area:

“Americans by a broad 65-26 percent disapprove of how the president is handling the price of gas, which has gained 49 cents a gallon this year to an average $3.79.”

And while Obama was quoted last week as saying this is simply a “seasonal spike” and there isn’t much he can do about it, that same poll shows that Americans believe he is stretching the truth with “fifty percent of Americans seeing the Obama administration as having the power to do something about the cost of a gallon of gasoline.”

How can Americans trust the President is doing “everything necessary” to help Americans at the pumps when he personally lobbies against a project like the Keystone Pipeline? What about this brilliant energy plan he keeps touting that supposedly will result in the US being a world leader in alternative energy production? How are we supposed to believe that the President’s plan is working when we hear story after story about solar companies funded by taxpayer money going bankrupt?

On the campaign trail, it’s not about who “can be more Conservative.” I don’t want to downplay social issues but those aren’t the most significant issues on the minds of a majority of Americans. Those aren’t the problems that affect Americans on a daily basis. Winning in those areas isn’t what is going to lead to the defeat of Barack Obama. In November, the nominee that is going to win is going to be the one most able to earn the trust of the American people on the economy.

Finally, Investors Business Daily posted an article explaining exactly why the candidates need to drive home the issue of the economy:

“Obama is particularly exposed on: the jobs data, which, as we’ve said before, are worse than the official numbers; his appetite for redistributing other people’s money and stubborn commitment to his concept of “fairness”; rising health care costs caused by ObamaCare; sharp losses of wealth due to falling home values; smothering regulation; and a still-plodding recovery nearly three years after the recession ended.”

The time is now for the candidates to come together and stand as a united front. We need to focus on the failures of Keynesian economics and defend Capitalist policies currently under attack that are tried and true and have made this country so great. Republicans can and will win on the economy. So let’s get back to making that the main issue.


4 comments on “Dear Candidates: Make the Economy the Main Issue

  1. The Media plays a huge part in keeping the current regime in the dark. The debate moderators, the news, not to exclude Fox News, who is so far up Romneys butt it makes me sick, plus the current world of dependents that Liberalism has created over the last 50 years…. Its just gotten pathetic. Good article, but I think the two front runners will be a younger McCain and not shine the spotlight on what Obama is really about. I am so cynical that I will be voting for Ron Paul if he goes 3rd party. If that ends up getting Obama Voted back in, then I hope it sends a very loud and clear message to the Republican Establishment who is at war with True Conservatives!

    • @Allen Jones- The problem with this logic is, it just gives the Dems four more years to permanently harm this country. Its difficult not become cynical at these times but we have to remember who the real enemy is, and thats Obama. Allowing him to be re-elected only shows that the Republican voters haven’t learned a damn thing over the past 4 years, because ultimately the majority of Americans are right-leaning and disagree with this presidents policies. I want Santorum to win, but if someone else gets the republican nomination I will gladly vote for them to get rid of the current scum!

  2. You certainly don’t speak for everyone and you appear to be are lacking in your understanding of how social and moral issues affect societies as a whole. The breakdown of the family, marriage and religious freedoms will lead to the breakdown of society as a whole. And although the economy is very important, it is not THE most important issue at this time. In fact, MUCH more important things are currently at stake. Broader vision and the gift of wisdom are needed to see and understand our nation’s true situation.

  3. Um…. no. For conservatives, the primary process is about who is more conservative. Although none fo the current contenders can be said to be truly conservative they’re all we have…… for now. That they beat up each other pointing out prior records of less than conservative actions is a good thing. This is all about vetting our candidate, something RINO’s wish wuold stop. They would prefer to annoint their choice and have the rest of us acquiesce is something that is hopefully in the past. Whatever trials and tribulations the candidates must endure to get the nomination is just a drop in the bucket compared to what the Obama machine is going to rain down upon them. Finding out who can stand the heat is a good thing. In the end we WILL rally around the nominee even if he’s not our first choice.

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