Politicians Say the Darndest Things!

Check out this hilarious parody video featuring Democrat congressional candidate Cheri Bustos from the Illinois 17th District.

I’m told by the person who sent it to me that this is spot on with what she says in her interviews with the media.

You know what? It sounds a lot like what we’ve been hearing from every Democrat across the country!

Check it out and share it…


6 comments on “Politicians Say the Darndest Things!

  1. It would bequite funny if it was not the democrat talking points! Same ole same ole with all democrat politicians.

  2. lol…think we can get the White House residents to eat mac n cheese? Or even a hot dog?

  3. I don’t think people understand the importance of the synergy in Mac’ n cheese and millionaires and billionaires or the relationship to green energy and the war on women, Fox news, Rush Limbaugh and some other talk show hosts are attacking constantly. rain forests, windmills, sunshine and lollipops. We need to silence them now!

    • Typical Liberal talk Randy….If someone has an opinion other than yours they should be silenced… There are lots of Communist country’s you could live in that support your views…..Why do you live here if you don’t like freedom of speech ?????

      • Dan the Scammer. I hear you got kicked off the Vancouver Stock Exchange for scamming people. What a surprise. Beware anyone if Danny Boy is trying to sell you anything.

  4. And I love how the public wasn’t allowed access to his speech. Several hundred oil and gas producers planned a protest and Obama didn’t want that to mess up his campaign commercial that he made here. He definitely hand-picked his audience. This man is such a fraud.

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