The Liberal War on Families

Okay, I’m so over this “War on Women.”

It’s a completely bogus concept. It’s not remotely true. But the Democrat establishment has done a great job propagating it, and the liberal media was all too happy to run with it.

Actually, the conservative media ran with it, too. I can’t believe how much coverage Fox News devoted to such a stupid issue. Republicans are not trying to ban contraception. They just aren’t. But hey, why let reality get in the way of a juicy news cycle?

If you’ve watched any TV over the past couple months, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Have we heard news about the economy or jobs or the national debt? Of course not. The media is intent on keeping us distracted, finding as many shiny objects as they can to keep conservatives off message.

Contraception? Pornography? Stand your ground laws? These are not issues we need to be focusing on. It’s time for us to get disciplined and start controlling our short attention spans.

None of these sideshow stories are accidental. This is an organized effort to preserve Barack Obama’s presidency. Well, guess what? Here at Conservatives Under 30, we’re not falling for it.

It’s time for us to go on the offensive.

It’s time for us to start talking about the “Liberal War on Families.”

What is the Liberal War on Families, you ask? It’s the systematic destruction of the family through so-called “progressive” policies that are crushing the American economy with the ultimate goal of destroying the ideals that make this country great. It’s an assault on American exceptionalism and pride.

Does anyone actually believe Obama’s economic failure is by accident? Of course not. This is an academic experiment designed to get more and more people dependent on government, ensuring that the American dream of rugged individualism and success through excellence is over forever. This is the advent of socialism.

How is this a Liberal War on Families? Take a look.

  • CRIPPLING UNEMPLOYMENT — Democrats have done nothing to stop crippling unemployment, and it’s tearing families apart. People are struggling to put food on the table, yet Democrats insist on playing political blame games in Washington instead of doing what’s necessary to get people back to work. In fact, they’re trying to make things even worse by raising taxes across the board and instituting their government health care takeover that will cost millions of jobs.
  • HIGHER INFLATION — Government economists love to pretend there’s no inflation, but those of us living paycheck to paycheck know differently. Because of out-of-control government spending, the dollar has massively depreciated, and we’re seeing the results at the gas pump and in the grocery store. A deflated dollar results in higher commodity prices, and while inflation indexes don’t account for this, working people making tough budget decisions definitely do.
  • SKYROCKETING ENERGY PRICES — The price of gas deserves its own entry because this crisis could have easily been avoided. In an effort to placate the environmental lobby, President Obama unnecessarily placed a moratorium on offshore drilling. Additionally, burdensome regulations have been placed on the energy sector. Obama is making every effort to demonize oil and bankrupt coal, just like he said he would on the campaign.
  • IGNORING MEDICARE/SOCIAL SECURITY — Washington Democrats love scoring political points off of Medicare and Social Security. They clearly don’t care about the programs themselves, as they refuse to acknowledge the obvious need for reform. Both Medicare and Social Security are set for bankruptcy in the next two decades, and Democrats insist on “protecting” the programs by doing nothing. That’s just disgraceful.
  • PASSING OFF THE DEBT PROBLEM — What about our children and grandchildren? As Conservatives Under 30, we’re obviously very concerned about the toll our massive national debt will eventually take on our nation. Will our children and grandchildren even get the opportunity to have a better America than us? If we don’t address out-of-control government spending, the answer is no.

Let’s focus on the issues that matter. Barack Obama’s presidency has been an absolute failure on economic issues, so why let the media control our messaging? Let’s talk about his failures. Let’s talk about the Liberal War on Families.

It’s up to us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to tell my grandchildren that we failed. I want to tell them how we saved America.


20 comments on “The Liberal War on Families

  1. Looks like you are grabbing for straws a bit.

  2. i have been saying for a long time, play the political game by the same rules as the libs. they’re always 10 steps ahead of the conservatives, and the conservatives fall into their traps everytime. instead of talking about the real issues, they get bogged down in the phony issues, and never get their message across. Why do the libs do this? because they know the conservatives will immediately fly to defense, and therefore the real issues never make it to surface. Please my American Cousins, (my mom was an American), do not reelect Barack Obama. If ever someone hated the United States, it
    is this man. It is evident in everything he does. Whatever way you go, we the Canucks
    will be shortly behind you. George Soros and his crowd are seriously involving themselves in our affairs as it is, and we know what that means. Good luck in november!! A canadian cousin

    • Conservatives have to take this to the offense or November is lost. Playing catch-up and getting entangled in the ridiculous media coverage just helps the Liberal/Progressive game. ITA with Edie LePage above. Thank you for your post.

    • Dear Canadian Cousin, You are not “behind us”. You are light years ~ahead of us~ in your government tyranny. You in Canada are arresting pastors right off the pulpit for “hate speech” just for quoting the Bible. Remove the plank from your own eye.

      Canadian Pastors arrested for hate speech – http://bit.ly/HLabO1

      The difference between Americans and Canadians is that Canadians are far more deferential to “authority”. That’s why we threw off the British Crown and you did not. Yes, it’s time for Americans to reclaim our anti-tyranny revolution of 1776, and we will do it. But it’s time for you Canadians to have your ~first~ one. Pay attention to your upcoming elections – while you still ~have~ elections!

  3. Reblogged this on GrrrGraphics and commented:
    Time to unite and stand against the Left wing agenda

  4. This nation is lost, regardless we are losing our standing in the world. The Bible told us thing long ago we are not a major player in end times prophecy, it is as it must be.

  5. Excellent article, you make some excellent points. The only thing we can do as individuals is reach out to those around us and rally the base (and perhaps convert some fence-sitters?)

    I shared your article…

  6. You left out the Liberals’ hyperventilating love affair with turning families into farm animals using the human pesticides known as contraception and abortion-inducing drugs, not to mention their gleeful advocacy of dismembering living feeling human children via surgical abortion.

    They are no longer even content with funding abortion with our tax money, but now they demand our church contributions pay for it, too! Is it even about abortion anymore? Or has it now been escalated to forcing you to participate in it, too?

    That’s what the purpose of evil is, after all. Forcing you to commit ievilagainst your fellow man, too.

    If this is not part of the Liberals’ War on Families, I don’t know what the hell is.

  7. You may be over the “War on Women”. However, I am definitely not and neither are a whole mess of Americans (women and men).

    Your statement: “If you’ve watched any TV over the past couple months, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Have we heard news about the economy or jobs or the national debt? Of course not.” is not true.

    Let me give you a link to one article from The New York Times that talks about the economy and jobs in one go: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/04/business/economy/us-economy-added-243000-jobs-in-january-unemployment-rate-is-8-3.html

    If I remember correctly it was the conservatives that were the bringing up family issues to a Federal level. You are drawing up crazy bills to make access to birth control nearly impossible for some women and then give her the middle finger when she happens to fall pregnant because the condom she and her partner were using happened to brake – and that was her only line of defense….thanks to your idea of what health care is, the pill was not on her plan. And then the icing on the cake is that she can’t have an abortion because the cost or invasive pre-procedures or loops or protests or violence (by the pro-life camp) has scared her.

    It’s okay for the government to tell you who you have the right to marry, but refuse to be forced to buy something beneficial (health care) to the country as a whole.

    You’re a moron to say there is a liberal war on families. Define what a family is for me and truly what the war is…cos I don’t see the scary left writing bills that have to purpose of excluding certain groups of people.

    • TROLL!!!!


      Keep Your Laws Off My Church, Bitch.

    • Don’t have sex outside of marriage and you don’t have to worry about finding a way to get an abortion.

    • You copy that right out of the Dworkin Handbook for Hysterical Headlines? lol.. You provide a link to a single NYT article and think you scored some kind of point? No wonder liberals focus on school children, they have no memory of events as they happened (like the media grilling GW on the economy EVERYDAY in 2008 after the democrat controlled Congress DELIBERATELY crashed the economy so they could take the White House). How about you provide some real information on your psychotic assertions conservatives where ‘drawing up crazy bills’ to deny access to anything that is currently legal.. what was that? >cricket cricket< F-ing troll.. crawl back in your cave.

  8. Hmmmm. Good luck in November. Really.

  9. it’s clearly up to true conservatives to put some kind of hold on morality. Liberals are happy to see skyrocketing out-of-wedlock pregnancies. When most people know that there are consequences when people live a” liberal lifestyle.” And when did it become wrong to be successful? The more benefits the government can provide for those who have become successful, the more likely they will be to hire people. Upsetting successful businessmen will only cause them to invest overseas. And encouraging liberal lifestyles will only create more unplanned pregnancies or abortions. You pick which direction you want to follow.

  10. Melissa, I don’t want to insult your intelligence, but you are very misguided. It saddens me to see how poorly our education system actually “educates” our kids. Somehow the theory that came out of the sixties is “I can do whatever the hell I want without consequences”. Sorry, but life doesn’t work that way and now we have such a perversion of things and people wonder why we have soooo many problems. Scary!

  11. We need to stand up!

  12. Just another distraction used in order to further divide the ignorant electorate. The bankers, along with Congress, are monopolizing the power and robbing us of our wealth and freedoms. The false left/right paradigm exists only to keep the silly arguments fueled and the electorate focused on everything else. We have piles of debt, unfunded liabilities, a middle class being destroyed, and the Constitution being ripped apart. When will enough of you realize this? Big govt is about self-preservation, monopolization, and power.

  13. Very good post. Gives me hope for the future.

  14. I believe all of these topics, “contraception, pornography, Stand your ground laws” , are worth discussing in regard to the Democrats fraudulent rhetoric (aka lies) and setting all records straight. Any time Liberals give conservatives an opportunity to correct their fabrications (aka lies), is a time to seize the moment. Hopefully the Republican candidate will do all necessary, to call Obama and the Lib Dem on all of you’ve mentioned.

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