An Opportunity Lost

I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I certainly understand why so many young voters did.

Let’s be honest—the country was a mess in 2008. We were in the midst of two wars and a terrible financial crisis, leading to one of the worst recessions experienced in recent memory. Things were rough. Fairly or not, public opinion had turned against President Bush. The Republican Party itself had moved way too far to the left, allowing itself to become the party of “big but hey they’re even bigger!” government as opposed to the party of small government.

While Obama didn’t say much of anything during the 2008 campaign (hope and change, bro!) he really didn’t need to. Despite nominating an exceptional motivator for VP in Sarah Palin, John McCain never stood much of a chance. The conservative base was dispassionate, and Obama’s base was in ecstasy over his candidacy. The results were not surprising.

I maintained, as we headed into 2009, that I would give the new President a chance. It really bothered me how nasty people were towards President Bush during his two terms. I didn’t agree with him on everything, but I felt strongly that he deserved the respect of the office and that some of the nasty rhetoric from the left was completely out of line. I wanted to give President Obama a chance. Not just because I’m a fair guy, but because I believe our country needed him to be a great President.

You see, Obama had the opportunity to do something special. He had the opportunity to govern like Ronald Reagan, to unite rather than divide, and lead our nation forward instead of into a rapid decline. He could’ve taken the incredible opportunity placed before him and gone down in the annals of American history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time

Instead, Obama spit in the face of history and clung to his rigid socialist ideology.

While Americans struggled and unemployment surged during a terrible recession, Obama prioritized “progressive” initiatives like a health care takeover, cap and trade, and wealth redistribution.

Instead of working with Republicans to get a bipartisan health care bill passed that focused on lowering costs, he worked behind closed doors with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to pass a monstrosity that essentially nationalized our health care system at the expense of the taxpayers without even attempting to seriously lower costs.

With unemployment still hovering around nine percent (and we all know it’s really higher than that) for most of 2011, the President refused to even consider one of the 25+ jobs bills passed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

And the rhetoric. The unbelievable rhetoric.

Instead of doing his job and being the leader of the free world, President Obama has shown his community organizing roots still define who he is. He has done everything he can to drive a wedge further in what divides us. He spearheaded the idea that Republicans are launching a “war on women.” He injected himself in the Trayvon Martin situation, implying racism and guilt before Zimmerman was even charged.

He misled the public on budgets, jobs bills, Medicare, you name it. Instead of accomplishing anything of note, Obama has been focused on being the campaigner-in-chief.

It’s no wonder his luster has worn off.

At the end of the day, I’m more disappointed than anything. He had the opportunity, as the first African-American President and one of the most eloquent speakers in recent memory, to truly have a positive impact on our nation. He could’ve been great. Instead, he played political games, stoked hatred, and brought this country to its knees.

President Obama had an opportunity, but that’s over now. He lost it. Now it’s up to us to make sure he’s a one term President.


56 comments on “An Opportunity Lost

  1. Obama is not an eloquent speaker. Put this myth to rest.

    • Agreed.. Obama is a greasy speaker, not an eloquent one. And for the record hes not ‘African-American’ either.

      • Actually, he’s truly African-American in a way that most in this country aren’t – his father was actually from Africa (and went back) and his mother was an American. When it comes down to it, he is – and Jesse Jackson and his ilk are not.

      • Agreed. I read somewhere his father was FROM Africa, but he was half some Arabian ethnicity, and half African. So that makes Ubama 1/2 WHITE, 1/4 African, and 1/4 Arabian of some sort.

      • He’s an eloquent READER.

      • Not really. He’s a mechanical robot.

    • Every day he sounds more and more in over his head.

    • No, He is an eloquent speaker. That’s the problem. That is ALL he is. A speaker. One who changes wit the breeze. He’s a community organizer and that is all he knows how to do

      Unfortunately, there is no job for a communtiy organizer in the White House. But he could have learned something in the 3 and a half years he has been there. But here again, he refuses to learn OR listen to anyone. He believes HE knows best. And I believe it will cost him in November.

  2. I could not have said it better. MLK he is not.

  3. and ah, ah, ah, together we can ah,ah,ah….

  4. Excellent comment, but soon this information will be forgotten when Obama keeps pushing the idea to young voters that education cost are too high! Graduates laden with education debt! Do I agree they are too high, yes, but the resolve will not be in voting Obama back in for another term! I want to believe it is over, but until the “last vote is in” It’s not over! You are correct It is up to you to make this a one term President.

  5. My number 1 reason I was supportive of Obama was his talk of uniting our great Nation. My number 1 reason I can no longer be in his corner is due to how he has gone out of his way to divide us as a Nation. What a disappointment. Turns out he is nothing but another dime-a-dozen lying politician. Pathetic!

  6. I am not under thirty for sure but reading your post gives me hope that your generation may have what it takes to put our country back on track….

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    • I also am well over 30. In fact, I am 49. But, like Flyoverhere, this gives me hope that the Nation CAN be put back on the right track. This shows that not ALL under 30 are under Obama’s spell. God Bless America.

  7. several flaws in this piece. the biggest is “giving obama a chance.” no matter what spin is applied, obama lacked qualifing education, knowledge and, most importantly, experience. he had none. period. add to that his provable racist, anti-american bigotry learned as a student of jerimiah wright for 20 years. all the above has been abundantly demonstrative during the last three years. our president should lift the country not put it down. there has been a stark malaise across the land since obama took office. this administration has proved to be a racially polorizing existence. the promised hope has been replaced with a feeling of hoplessness as the unemployment numbers continue to sink and the debt is uncontrolled while prices at the pump continue to rise. though things had been rough in the last years of bush’s administration (worst economy in 40 years according to obama), all those numbers have declined even further. joe biden put it well saying the presidency is no place for on-the-job training. to be fair, john mccain was a horrible alternative as he ran an historically terrible campaign. he would’ve lost to dukakis, carter and even mondale. still, the election of obama was the single most racist and idolarous event in my lifetime as voting for “the black guy” became a fad. we may never recover. sadly, we voted for this. our most destructive enemy has proved to be us.

    • Amen Chez. Amen. As Rush Limbaugh has said, IGNORANCE is the biggest threat to our Country. Ignorance is what got him elected. I KNEW what a fraud he was. But I was in the minority. Obviously. And one more thing… The main stream media is complicit in this, the biggest fraud in history. They NEVER asked him questions that mattered. Why all the secrecy with ALL of his records?? ALL records of history on him are sealed, and they’re OK with that. His Birth Certificate (real, not forgery they threw out there) Passport, Pakistan travel in 1980’s, Indonesia life, Occidental College Scholarships, Columbia (college, we think… no one from the University remembers him such as Stephanopolous or Wayne Allen Root) ~ where shall we start?

      • His birth records do matter. It’s. Who his father was that matters. An alot of us know all. about him. Look in the bible it’s. Always who begot who. My the lord bless his people an keep them safe.

    • chez — Rush Limbaugh dubbed “An Opportunity Lost” as “spot on” and I dub your comments as “spot on”. My ONLY criticism of what you wrote is to check your spelling on a few words and make the traditional use of capital letters a habit; this will make what you write easier to read and, more important, more likely to be shared and, if it is shared, it will look and read better in any context. You have a great perspective and a way with words — and you, yourself, deserve an initial cap. — Jim

    • Chez, I could not agree more. His election will probably go down in history as the beginning of the end for what was once the greatest nation in the history of the world. Since he has taken office, the slow decline has been given a nitrous boost. Our descent has picked up speed at a rapid rate, and as you said, I’m not sure we can ever recover. I never thought that I would see our country in this shape. We have let liberalism and political correctness kill our country. To say that it is sad would be a huge understatement. Our only hope now is to get on our knees and pray like there is no tomorrow. God is why we were once a great nation, and it will take Him to get us back if we are to ever return there again.

    • Excellent and insightful post, Chez. I might add that in the last years of Bush’s administration, he had a Democratic House and Senate.

  8. He never would have been a great President. You outlined what he has accomplished to destroy America. This was always his agenda. Always. He better lose in November.

  9. I have known there was going to be big trouble since he was a nobody. The press lies for him. Anyone can see through him. May the lord bless his people in the usa who love an trust in him only.

  10. Obama has turned out to be just what he advertised himself to be-IF you had listened-a committed marxist whose policies are communist. He has no regard for the foundations this country was built on and does not regard the constitution that limits his power. He clearly believes that an executive order trumps the constitution and believes an opposing belief needs to be stamped out.

    Obama is a very angry troubled man. . . he will steal the November election if given the opportunity. . .and I believe he and is henchmen have spent the past 3 years infiltrating state election offices and I believe voting fraud will be so rampant on election night that he may steal this election. . .

    obama is a very dangerous man and he has harmed this country in untold ways that we may never recover from.

    • Yay–someone, besides me, who will call Obama a marxist. This infuriates his supporters–mostly because they know it’s true.

    • Agreed Hannah. I too fear the fraud they will perpetuate in Nov. They did it in Nevada during the midterm election 2010 to ensure Harry Reid’s win over Sharon Angle. Suspiciously, the power went off on the circuits for the largest voting districts – blanking the machines, I heard ~ all through the unions – fishy crap went on there ~ and no investigations??? I also have a big problem when he whines the US Supreme Court cannot repeal the healthcare “BILL” LAWFULLY PASSED BY CONGRESS. IT was NOT lawfully passed as a BILL ~ it was passed under “reconciliation” which is used for a BUDGET…with 51 votes. They could NOT get the 60 votes the legal wasy with Scott Brown elected. And the entire media is mum…. SICK.

  11. Obama may not be that eloquent of a speaker, but he has those catch phrases down to a ‘T’

  12. Obama reads off a teleprompter. Take it away, and he probably can’t complete a sentance. He’s a phony Marxist, and his Regime must be defeated in November. And one Last statement: Holder when are you going to arrest the black Panthers, over putting out a BOUNTY on Zimmerman? This is against the Law!! But then again Like obama, you don’t know what your doing either! GinnyKAY

    • He needs to hire niew people to type on the tele-prompter. Too many uhs and uhs uhs ets. The man makes me crazy trying to finish a sentence.

    • Virigina, Eric Holder Obama and the Democrats are now very busy going after WalMart to bother with a murdered border agent with THEIR pet project, FAST & FURIOUS … Those little ol’ Black Panthers ~ Were never even Arrested for their THUGGERY At the 2008 electtions, and NOW these THUGS put out a PUBLIC bounty on an American citizen, who is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!!!! I can’t take this crap anymore! The whole damn administration should be impeached, let alone RE ELECTED!

  13. I really can’t understand how he can remain President of the U.S.A. and not a citizen. Why isn’t he out?

  14. You are so full of shiit!

    • Nice Debra! Spoken like a true liberal. I don’t have any facts to use to debate what is being said, so I’ll just curse at you and try to make you look bad. Good job! You learned well. As for the rest of you who are supposedly full of feces, I agree with you 100%. Obama is a dismal failure and will go down in history as the worst president ever. It’s no wonder why Jimmy Carter likes him so much.

    • Good one, Debra. Eloquent, intelligent, constructive. Typical liberal. Can’t dispute what he writes so you attack him personally.

  15. The Libs went in from the get-go that anyone who dissagrees with Obama will be pegged a racist.

  16. The first time I heard him speak I was in awe! This first time I saw and heard his minister for 20 years, I was horrified. I knew what he was at that very moment. I think he has brought division and catastrophe to our Nation. Who bows to a Saudi King?

  17. Obama was in N.C. yest. pushing his agenda and election hopes on young college students at the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill. This is how he won the first time, praying those young people are smarter than they were 4 years ago.

  18. The VOTERS in this world do not know what they are voting for; the political parties find “Their’ FACE for the moment and who ever wins the race gives that “PARTY” free pass to do or not to to a thing to unite a productive force in this world of “IGNORANCE & GREED” which is the only thing the two political “PARTIES” have in common.

  19. Who cares about what he is. All that i know is that hes THE WORST “PRESIDENT” OF ALL TIME. My 3 month old shepard mix could have solved more issues than that c@*#$ucker.

  20. Well he was a success then, because he did exactly what he set out to do.

  21. I never listen to what a candidate says during an election. You must look at their record of accomplishments. No record, no vote. Poor record, no vote. They will say anything to get into office.

    • Troy, wouldn’t it be great if there was an independent commission that would release a “report card / resume” on all candidates running for office? Most people are working so hard to feed their families, that they have no time to conduct the research to really make an informed decision. If there was a box on my tax form asking if I would like to donate one dollar to fund this commission, I would definitely do it.

  22. I don’t think Obama is an eloquent speaker actually. He has spent 39 months blaming Bush for everything. His alleged eloquence has turned into whining. His speeches put me to sleep because of that. McCain was not that great either. He came across as spineless and a people pleaser. I think the problem with Obama is he cannot lead. “Community organizer” is a fancy way of saying professional protester. So if you elect a person to a position of authority, and that person is used to protesting against authority, it’s going to confuse him because he has to work with people in leadership positions that he was used to protesting against. I think that is part of the reason why he can’t lead

  23. He did have great promise. But so did Bill Clinton. George W Bush climbed out of 9/11, which changed everything. Obama had one number to focus on: 9.3 percent. But rookies are often undisciplined and we got another amateur, like Carter. GWB was as close to amateur as you ever want to get when it comes to presidential candidates. Obama wasn’t even close to him (and please don’t offer his senatorial experience as a qualification, it’s beneath you).
    In the end, Obama was too arrogant to think the guy who said “It’s the economy, stupid” was talking to him.

  24. The problem, as I see it, is not that he had a chance to be great, because I think truly deep down in his core he could have never been great. His disdain for this country and all that it stands for in the world and in history is so ingrained in his DNA that there was never a chance for him look past the short-term political opportunities in order to seize the long-term benefits to unite and lead the country that was so needed at that time. The true missed opportunity is the one that the American People have missed over the past years in learning from our mistake…

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  26. The sadest opportunity he missed is that he could have garnered some repect for blacks and shown that they could be leaders!. But instead, he is just trying to put us in straw covered huts with mosquitos all over us and no clean water to drink. No kidding he is working towards making us all poor.

  27. Obama’s accomplishments are truly great.

  28. […] but not compared to president One Big Ass Mistake America. An Opportunity Lost “I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I certainly understand why so many young voters did. […]

  29. You are obviously under 30. To say that O had opp to govern like Reagan is, by definition, impossible. No liberal can; they are not wired that way. Reagan saw America, with it’s flaws, but great despite them. America was the world’s last, best hope. We led the world; we weren’t some interdependent cog in a great big wheel. We led; others could follow if the chose, but we had our best interests clearly defined and we pursued them; not all the same way, but we acted in OUR best interests. If that meant using our military, so be it. But, it also meant using diplomacy; covert action, using other people to fight in their own interests, when those dovetailed with ours. The enemy of our enemy was our friend. We used the tarrif, occasionaly. The point here is, we were certain of the rightness of our intentions, and therefore, were able to pursue them, not arrogantly, but deliberately and confidently.
    Now, contrast that against the liberal view. We are everything that is wrong with the world. We should give up our interests so that others can attain what we have prevented them from attaining. This mindset is incompatible with what is required to lead a great nation; and this mindset has caused a deterioration of a great people. It has weakened us, perhaps irrepairably. No liberal, not Obama, Clinton, Carter…. None could govern like Reagan. Romney can. He has a similar vision of America. His vast experience as an executive makes him a far superior leader than the other hack pols that were running against him. THE danger will be the infiltration of his administration by the neo-cons. It happened to Reagan, and led to 1-termer Bush, which led to Clinton. It happened to Bush II, which has led us to Obama. Young conservatives need to sniff out the neo-cons and recognize the danger they pose, domestically and internationally.

  30. I listened to Obamas speeches when running for office. I told anyone who would listen that he was a Socialist. We have found out since then that he was an activist in University.But an older Socialist told him. Forget being an activist. Become political. Run for office. You will have more power..This was released by Obamas classmate. He knew him..I wish we had known the facts..He has not completely ruined our country. We can return to what we truly are.AMERICA. Put someone in office that is not fighting us the whole way. Someone who knows what is good for our country and we will be what we truly are again..We can fight this Socialist and his organiszed groups. We are the strongest country in the world. We have beaten Socialism before and we can do it again.

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