“My position has evolved.”

In honor of President Obama’s flaky views on gay marriage, we created the #mypositionhasevolved meme. Go crazy, sports fans!



20 comments on ““My position has evolved.”

  1. Aaannd just gonna leave this here.

  2. This will be the most transparent administration in history… Wait, Holder sold guns to drug lords…

  3. Guantoni-nomo oh wait…My position has evolved!

  4. Idea: I Do what I DO BEST! Another book is on the way. My position has evolved.

  5. If positions didn’t evolve we would still be holding slaves and a colony of England…just sayin’

    • That’s a bit of a stretch. Obama denouncing super pacs and then using them right after is the same as deciding that a tyrannical king should no longer be followed, or the same as deciding that the slavery that your father condoned is wrong?

      • So then we should keep stripping rights until the next generation comes around and decides that it is wrong?

  6. I promised to unite our country, My position has evolved.

  7. I said I thought the right price for a gallon of gas should be $4.00, oh it is, see I told you so.

  8. I Promised To Create Millions Of New Green Jobs – But My Energy Loans Have Resulted In Bankruptcies And Layoffs, but I am evolving.

  9. Reblogged this on Veritas Aequitas.

  10. War on Women? I support the Long Island Hot Dog Hooker and the New Jersey Tanorexic!

  11. I lay in the Missionary position for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Mullah Omar demands I face Mecca, bend over and grab my ankles?

    My “position” has evolved.

  12. Bush Increasing Debt $4 Trillion In 8 Years Was Irresponsible And Unpatriotic.
    Oh, by the way, We need to raise the debt ceiling another ten billion dollars.

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